ICWE 2009 - Accepted Workshops

ICWE workshops offer an opportunity for highly interactive sessions, which either include in-depth discussions of a specific topic, or are related to a technical community. The results of the co-located workshops will be reported during the main conference program.

Paper submissions must follow the LNCS formatting style. Click here to see the submission instructions. Additional information can be found on the workshop web sites.

ICWE 2009 will host 4 workshops. Click below to access a quick description of the workshop.

MDWE 2009: 5th Model-Driven Web Engineering Workshop

Recently, the MDA initiative has introduced a new approach for organizing the design of an application into different models so portability, interoperability, and reusability can be obtained through architectural separation of concerns. MDA covers a wide spectrum of topics and issues (MOF-based metamodels, UML profiles, model transformations, modeling languages and tools, etc.). Similarly there is a growing corpus of research on DSLs, which employ a metamodeling approach to support the process of application building. In another camp, Software Factories and Product Lines provide concepts and resources for the model-based design of complex applications.

However, the effective integration of all these new techniques with the already existing model-based web engineering approaches is still unresolved. The MDWE'2009 workshop aims at providing a discussion forum where researchers and practitioners can meet, disseminate and exchange ideas and problems, identify some of the key issues related to these topics, and explore together possible solutions and future works.

Track: "MDWE Workshop"

Website: http://mdwe2009.pst.ifi.lmu.de/

ComposableWeb 2009: 1st International Workshop on Lightweight Integration on the Web

Information integration, application integration and component-based software development have been among the most important research areas for decades. The aim of integration is that of creating new software products by integrating existing components and data, rather than entirely re-doing development from scratch. The last years in this area have been characterized by a particular focus on Web services, the very recent years by the advent of Web mashups, a new and user-centric form of integration on the Web.

ComposableWeb aims at bringing together researchers and practitioners with different research interests and belonging to communities like Web Engineering, Service Engineering, Business Process Management, Databases, Semantic Web, Software Composition, and Software Engineering.

Track: "ComposableWeb Workshop"

Website: http://mashart.org/composableweb2009/

IWWOST 2009: 8th International Workshop on Web-Oriented Software Technologies

Traditionally, the IWWOST workshop has been a forum to discuss the new trends related to the development of Web Applications. The main goal of this edition is to discuss methods, approaches and tools to face the new challenges that Web 2.0 has introduced. Specifically, the main interests are how Web Engineering must evolve to become Web 2.0 engineering and the current improvement of using Web 2.0 technologies in the development process. Experiences in the design and implementation of Web 2.0 Applications are welcome also.

Track: "IWWOST Workshop"

Website: http://www.irit.fr/recherches/IHCS/iwwost2009/

QAW 2009: 1st Quality Assessment in Web Workshop

We want to promote all areas related to the quality of web applications with the first edition of this workshop, by giving to researchers the opportunity of sharing their works and providing a forum to discuss the various aspects of Web quality and the development of quality applications and services. Moreover, we hope to identify possible future lines during the workshop related to the discussed topics.

Track: "QAW Workshop"

Website: http://alarcos.inf-cr.uclm.es/qaw/


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