Social Events
City Hall Welcome Reception

The city of San Sebastian is glad to host a reception for all ICWE participants, at the City Hall on June 24th, 19.00.

City hall of San Sebastian

San Sebastian city hall was built in 1882 to be used as a casino. Its design was inspired by European casinos and summer resorts. The interior is organized in an appropriate way to a building with such a function, with ballrooms, dining rooms and lecture halls. Indeed, the reception will take place at what used to be the main gambling place with gorgeous Caryatides looking at you! Do not miss the opportunity to feel the legend of what used to be a main nest of spies during the First World War.

The location of the building also makes it exceptional, as it is situated next to La Concha Bay, near the fishing harbour.

Guitar Concerts

Guitar virtuous, Sergio Bermúdez, will play Guitar masterpieces to make your coffee-break even more relaxing! These guitar concerts will take place during the coffee-breaks.

Sergio Bermúdez is a former student of the uruguayan guitarist Eduardo Baranzano at the "Conservatorio Francisco Escudero" in San Sebastián. He has also received master classes from David Russell, Joaquín Clerch, Margarita Escarpa and Marcin Dylla.

Last year, he won a prize to play with a bassoonist and a cellist at the "Festival of ancient music of Malaga", and he also performed during the prestigious "Quincena musical" summer festival in San Sebastián.

During ICWE, Mr. Bermúdez will play pieces for soloist guitar by Spanish composers Joaquín Rodrigo, Isaac Albéniz and Francisco Tárrega, as well as compositions from Franz Schubert, Agustín Barrios, Mauro Giuliani or William Walton.

Sergio Bermúz Guitarrist

Conference Banquet

Conference banquet will be held in one of the most prestigious restaurants in town: "Kursaal Martin Berasategui" which has been awarded one Michelin star!!

Kursaal Building - San Sebastian
Music Concert during Conference Banquet

After playing several years in different high recognized music groups (e.g. Kepa Junkera, Berrogueto, Tejedor, Oreka Tx, Kila, Ibon Koteron...), Iñaki Plaza and Ion Garmendia began their way with the project entitled "20 Hatz proiekt" ("Twenty Fingers project").

After showing and making public traditional Basque folk music instruments through many didactic concerts over the world, they have recently published their first discographic work, which has the same title as the project (i.e. "20 Hatz proiekt"). Here, you can listen to traditional Basque folk music instruments (e.g. trikitixa, txistua, alboka, txalaparta,...) composed with both new experimental rhythm and sounds.

There is no doubt about the revolution that the staging of this work will create on the traditional Basque music.

Iñaki Plaza and Ion Garmendia - HogeiHatz Proiekt